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business options

So you have decided to get into the gelato business.You have a variety of investment options. Here are just three examples of getting started.

low cost

With a combination of a Batch Freezer
and an Ital Proget Gelato Display Freezer your
costs are covered by selling as few as 5 desserts or
12 cones per day.

With a 12 Kg Batch Freezer you can produce around 17 litres every hour. That’s around 120 single serves. A 12 flavour Brio gelato cabinet can be filled with just one morning’s production. Just one morning’s work will earn you around $800.

Equipment options can be designed specifically to meet your requirements. You can choose a higher capacity batch freezer and larger gelato display case and a bulk storage freezer for a little extra.



budget setup

A 20 Kg batch freezer can produce up to 28 litres per hour in maximum batches of 5 litres. Incorporate with a the Gioia 18 Gelato display provides up to 18 flavour of fresh home made gelato. Upgrade to the budget setup for only a few dollars more per week.



value package

Combine a pasteurise with a 45 kg batch freezer to produce up to 11 litres of gelato per cycle or up to 65 litres per hour. Combine this package with a the new Ital Proget Moon 24 and you are offering up to 24 flavours of the freshest home made gelato.



All investment figures quoted are for budget purposes and are subject to change without notice. Figures may also vary subject to the equipment options chosen.

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